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Here are some links to blogs and video channels I like:


Medievalist: Their short medieval blogs are nice to read. They also have a Youtube channel.
Luke Smith: If you know him you know him.
bugswriter: Indian Luke Smith… is what he’s definitely not!
Denshi: Mostly just like his Youtube channel and love his music Sabaudia
Cozynet: It’s cozy!
Doodlesdlev: Just read some articles there.
Bikobatanari: Fun website with some nice art and interesting blog entries
Chuck Carroll
Manuel Moreale
Brett Lindler
Bryce Vandergrift

Other Websites

TheMoeWay: Want to learn Japanese? Read through this website. Start with the guide.

Video Platforms


Arany Zoltán: Amazing musician who tries to recreate various traditional pieces of music.
The Skaldic Bard: Recreates songs in old languages, even more interesting since he knows Old Norse (I love his Old Norse version of the Swedish anthem)
Hohe Minne: Traditional music from the middle ages and early modern period, mostly German.
Bardify: Makes great RPG music.
Rok Nardin: Lots of epic RPG music.

Tech stuff

Trafotin: Makes cool linux videos.
Veronica Explains: Videos about various technology related subjects.
Vintage Computer Federation: Longer videos about old computers. Comfy.
Broadie Robertson: You probably know him already.


Schwerpunkt: A historian with a focus on the medieval period.
Geschichtsfenster (German): Not a historian but incredibly knowledgable in the late-middle ages. Does living history and likes to focus on conveying a proper image, that is a visual picture, of the medieval period.
Epochentrotter (German): A podcast about specific things in history, be it people or single events.
V. Birchwood: Sews her own historical clothing and documents her process.
Townsend: Comfy videos about the frontier men in the US by reenactors.
CrowsEyeProductions: Videos about historical clothing.
Cambrian Chronicles: A Welsh history channel
Early American: A couple of reenactors presenting 1820s Missouri.
V. Birchwood: Videos about historical clothing.
History for Atheists
The Collector
Ancient Origins


Mathologer: Deep dives and some short videos about mathematics.
Mathemaniac: Another great math-Youtuber.


Fandabi Dozi: History, survival, bushcraft and a scottish accent.
Polsen kocht pannonisch ’s Beste (German): Videos about pannonian cooking

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