Photography and exploring is fun

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Recently I’ve been getting into photography again, after I didn’t do any for almost eight years not. I bought a barely used Olympus OM-D M10 (Mark I) for 200 euros which also included a M. Zuiko 14-42mm Kit lense, 2 batteries, and an entire cleaning set. Almost a steal!
I’ve been walking around town a bit and so far enjoyed exploring all the places I had completely ignored before, view buildings and people from a completely different angle and generally just try to find interesting scenes to shoot.

I can only recommend to everyone to walk around the place you live and try to explore the places you’ve never seen. Whether that is some stairs you’ve walked by thousands of times, some inner courtyard, or a side alley that doesn’t seem too interesting from the outside; you might discover something interesting and unique.

I’ve added a gallery to this website where I will upload some of the more interesting photos I took. This gallery might be the only page with JS code and technically it could do without but I wanted something nicer for now. Maybe I’ll implement something simpler, perhaps a pure-CSS gallery, some day.

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